Wireless ePay allows retail/swipe merchants to accept
credit card payments through their existing mobile device on any cellular service provider. Wireless ePay allows merchants to choose their own phone and provider to process transactions wirelessly.


Process Through YOUR Mobile Device ...
Wireless ePay allows your retail merchants to process directly from their existing mobile phone with their existing cellular carrier. Merchants are no longer forced to buy an additional cellular device or expensive mobile terminal and then sign up for additional cellular service to process transactions wirelessly. With the Wireless ePay program your merchants use the phone they are already comfortable with and use the service provider which they know will work best for their business needs.

Why Use a Gateway for Wireless Retail ...
The ability to use your existing phone and provider is only one of the many benefits that retail merchants experience when on the Wireless ePay program. With all the retail transactions being passed through the USA ePay payment gateway, merchants are able to view detailed reports, as well as graphs and charts of all transactions for the life of the account. Merchants can also email, download and export their transaction reports. Whether the merchant needs to import their transactions into Quicken, or generate a report of all sales with or without tax for the year, week, or day, they can with the payment gateway. These are all features and benefits that wireless retail merchants would and could not find in a typical, stand-alone, wireless machine.

iPhones and iPod Touch Is Your Credit Card Machine...
With over 25 million iPhone and iPod Touch devices being used in the United States alone it only made sense for Wireless ePay to dive into the Apple market. Presenting the PaySaber, an all-in-one credit card processing point of sale device which works with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Certified with Apple to provide the best in quality for processing through your iPhone or iPod Touch. The PaySaber is the only device in market that has a built-in thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner; allowing the device to perform as a full point-of-sale register in retail and wireless environments. More Info...
Start Right Away...
Do you have an iPhone already? Are you using an iPod Touch for games, music and email? Then pull either one of those devices out right now and download the USAePay application for free, right now. Available in the Apple App Store, the USAePay Point of Sale Credit Card Terminal Application is the key factor behind the PaySaber system. While there are other applications that allow you to process credit cards through your iPhone or iPod Touch it is the USAePay application which works with (and can work without) the PaySaber.

WePaySC40 Spec Sheet

Above: Some of the companies
supported by Wireless ePay.

Other Popular Phones Are Credit Card Machines Too...
The most popular phones on the market can now be your merchant's credit card machine.  Merchants using Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android or Palm mobile devices (just to name a few) can easily load the Wireless ePay program onto the phone and turn it into a credit card machine. To see a list of all known compatible phones please click here.
W-ePay SC-40 Device...
It's a swiper, it's a printer, it works on Bluetooth and it works with a serial connection; it's the W-ePay SC-40 device. This proprietary device is what helps us transform your phone into a full-fledged credit card machine. The device connects to your phone (via Bluetooth), accepts magnetic swipes and prints receipts when processing transactions.

The device is not phone dependent, which means merchants can switch between phones and the device can still be used to process their transactions.

Easy-to-Use Interface
The Wireless ePay software was written with easy-of-use in mind. The easy select-and-click interface allows merchants to quickly and easily process any form of transaction without problems. The software also allows merchants to do "quick void" transactions, view previous transaction records, re-print receipts and more. 


Worry Free
Merchants using the Wireless ePay solution usually worry about what happens if their phone gets lost, stolen or just breaks, but Wireless ePay puts all these worries to rest. Why? The transactions processed through the Wireless ePay software on their phone are always stored on the gateway and not on the phone. This means that if the phone is ever lost, stolen or breaks, the merchant never loses any of their transactions because they are all securely stored on the gateway.

All transactions being processed through the Wireless ePay software are 100% secure. When the software sends out the transactions from the phone to the USA ePay gateway, it passes all the data through a secure socket layer (SSL) which ensures that all data is properly encrypted and can not be compromised.

The phone itself never stores any credit card data; all data is stored securely on the gateway. The software is also password protected and "install key validated" so if the phone ever lost, or falls into the wrong hands, the software can be "revoked" on the gateway level and no one can use it.

Brochures and White Papers

Click on the PDF icon to the left to view the list of all known supported phones. These phones have been tested or meet all the requirements for the Wireless ePay software to work. If you do not see your phone on the list it may not have the
property settings, security or ability to process credit cards. You may also contact us directly to confirm whether your phone may or may not be compatible.

Click on the PDF icon to the left to view information brochure for the Wireless ePay PaySaber device for iPhone and iPod Touch. We also have versions of this brochure available for Blackberry and Windows Mobile-based devices.
Windows Mobile Brochure
Blackberry Brochure

More Information ...
Need more information about Wireless ePay or ready to start using Wireless ePay? Feel free to contact one of our trusted resellers or contact us if you're a merchant service bank or provider to become a reseller of this product and offer it to your merchants.


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