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In order to access some of the USA ePay developer's tools and to stay informed with the latest about the API and other scripts maintained by USA ePay you must register for a Developer's Account with us. Registration is free.

If you are already have a developer's account Login Here.
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API Revisions (1-2 Emails per Month)
Development Announcement (< 1 Email per Month)
Merchant Console Announcement (< 1 Email per Month)
General News & Press Releases (< 1 Email per Month)
Software Release
"Software Releases" are used to track integrated applications communicating with the gateway. Their purpose is twofold: First to provide a means for referring a customer to the correct entity for support questions. Second, to ensure that the integrated application is tied to a specific API release. This will prevent future API revisions from breaking an existing application. Additional software releases may be added once you have registered.
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(The phone number that we will refer customers to if support determines that their trouble is being caused by the integrated application)



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